Peter Ebraert
Jozef De Windestraat 76, 1700 Dilbeek
Mobile: +32 498 627 459, E-mail:
Date of birth: 14th January 1980, Full clean driving license
Nederlands Nederlands Francais Francais Espanol Espanol English English


In the Web Design environment I am experienced in: HTML, XML, XSL, CSS, Javascript, Cold Fusion, JSP and PHP.
In the Programming environment I am familiar with: Java, C, C++, C#, Pascal, Smalltalk and Lisp. Next to that I studied the principles of object oriented and aspect oriented programming languages. This resulted in a deeper knowledge on the strengths and weaknesses of the programming languages that permit those two paradigms.
In the Software Design process I worked with: UML and ADL.
I worked for three years as a functional analyst, and project manager and have experience with agile SW development (SCRUM method, KANBAN), PMBOK, domain driven design and service oriented architectures.
I have experience in working with SQL (Oracle, Sequel Server) and managed MySQL, Postgres and SQL Database servers. Also bits of user experience with non-sequel DB such as MONGO DB.
I fluently speak the following languages: Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

Professional career

Vlaamse Overheid (freelance consultent)
In December 2017 I started working as a senior functional analyst for the Vlaamse Overheid. In the beginning, I worked together with 7 analists. We drove the development and operational support of a team of 15 developers. Together, we developed services by which official data from several authentic sources exposed in a uniform way (both by synchronous webservices and asynchronous file delivery). In 2020, I was one of the driving forces in morphing the waterfall development process into something a lot more agile, in the adoption of more recent technologies (Token-based authorization, RESTful webservices, OpenShift). Nowadays, the team is evolving into a team doing continuous integration. From a project point of view, I was involved in several projects: Low Emission Zone, Groeipakket, Migration of the software to the plaftorm of a new ICT service provider, development of the Flemmish Document Services and the Covid Vaccinnation Letters solution.
I was the technical team lead of the backend team responsable of issuing and providing the European Covid Certificates for all Belgian citizens.
We work with the following technologies: Java, XML, REST, Soap, Cron, GIT, Oracle, Confluence, Jira, SOAP UI, XML Spy, Swagger, OpenAPI, OpenShift, Dataflow, PostGres, EDB, ELK, Jaeger, MongoDB, ...

Bpost (freelance consultent)
In November 2013 I started working as a senior functional analyst/architect for the Belgian postal services: bpost. I lead the analysis team: a team of 4 analysts, that feeds a team of 14 developers. Together, we developed the backbone of the Product & Pricing, Contracting and Order-To-Invoice software landscape. In this project, we develop software in an agile way in a waterfall context: A Big challenge... We worked with the following technologies: .NET, Java, AngJS, XML, JSSON, REST, UC4, Elastic, Maven, GIT, Jenkins, SVN, Apache, Jboss, Oracle, Sequel Server, Confluence, Jira, SOAP UI, Enterprise Architect.

Argenta (freelance consultent)
In August 2013 I started working as a functional analyst / customer proxy for the Belgian bank Argenta. Together with a team of 12 developers, we created a system for optimising the processes of managing health insurance policies in an extremely short period (three months). A success! In this project, I got acquainted with the development method of extreme programming.

IT Consultancy
In january 2010 I start as a free-lance consultant. Given my technical IT background, I can support and guide companies or individuals in the majority of IT projects. Apart from guidance and advice, I am also willing to do software development. This differentiates me from many other consultants and has several benefits for the clients. The main benefit, however, is that it allows me to follow-up complete projects -- and taking responsibility from the beginning to the end. Feel free to contact me in case you want more information.
Until now, I managed 2 ICT projects: one small project for Belgian dieticians, and one big project for the Belgian Football Association (KBVB).

Certipost - Basware
In december 2010 I started working as a functional analyst for the Flemmish ICT company Certipost. In January 2013, the company was taken over by Basware. I gathered requirements and established the architecture of several ICT solutions that deal with all the requirements that were gathered from the clients. Next to that, I learned to work with the SCRUM development method and served as the backup of the project manager several times.

Universiteit Antwerpen
From october 2009 till now, I have been working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Formal Techniques in Software Engineering lab of the Universiteit Antwerpen, on a research project funded by the Instituut voor Wetenschappen en Technologie. In this project, we investigate on how parallel software should be modeled in order to support automated scheduling that considers both costs (such as energy, communication or time) and resources (such as processors, memory slots or the battery state).

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
From january 2004 till september 2009, I worked as a full time researcher at the Programming technology lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. I frequently reported on the results related to this research. I refer to my publications list for more information.

Erasmushogeschool Brussel
From september 2001 till september 2002, I worked full time as a consultant in de Erasmushogeschool Brussel.
The group where I worked researches on new technologies which can be useful in teaching. At ICTO (Informatie en Computer Technologie, Onderwijsvernieuwing) - our major concerns are e-learning, knowledge management, laptops and wireless LAN's. My job consisted in implementing those new technologies in our institution and in others.
In that context I went to teach or/and install software in the following institutions:

  • Erasmushogechool Brussels
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussels
  • Atrevelde Hogeschool in Ghent
  • Koninklijke Militaire School in Brussels
  • Kaunas College in Kaunas, Lithuania
  • EDHEC university in Lille, France
  • Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven
  • Katholieke Hogeschool Brugge - Oostende
I stopped working at ICTO because of my master studies in computer sience, which were organised abroad. After finnishing those studies, ICTO's administration contacted me for signing a contract again. As I really enjoyed working at ICTO, I signed a contract for 2 months (november and december 2003) as in januari 2004, the IWT scholarship started.

School History

Universiteit Antwerpen (UA):
In december 2009 I joined the ANSYMO team at the Universiteit Antwerpen, on the invitation of one of the jury members of my PhD thesis defense. I continued my research as a post-doctoral researcher and guided several students in doing their research. A new twist in my research was brought by the field of embedded computing (within the Optimma research project). At the end of 2010, I narrowed down my resaerch job obligations to 20% as I started working for a Flemmish IT company. By the end of 2011, I will definetly quit the acadmic life.

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB):
In september 2003 I enrolled myself again as a student in the VUB. This time, my goal is to obtain a PhD in science. I was one of the 150 lucky researchers who obtained an IWT scholarship for financing his PhD research. Click here to download my PhD proposal in PDF format (only in Dutch). If you are interested in the results of my research, please visit the research and publications sections. In March 2009, I handed in my phd dissertation entitled "A bottom-up approach to program variation". I graduated on the 4th of June 2009 with the greatest distinction.

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB):
In September 2002, a new challenge for me consisted in studying a master in science program (EMOOSE). The first half of the program takes place in the Ecole de mines de Nantes ( The second part of the year, the European students go to a South-American country for making a thesis. I a left for Santiago de Chile on the 17thd of march 2003. For 5 months, I worked there on my thesis. Because such exchange is not only about computer science, we also saw some aspects of the locale culture (more...).
The final week of august 2003, the students were expected back in Nantes for their thesis defenses. I managed to obtain 82% and was proclamated in Brussels on september 12th 2003 with a great distinction.

       Thesis abstract
    More and more programmers use aspect-oriented programming and reflection in order to make a clean separation of concerns in their programs. Currently very few tool support is provided for any of those programming paradigms. It is obvious that good tool support is indispensable for promoting the application of these paradigms. The goal of this thesis is to provide some tool support for developing reflective applications. After a study of the problem environment, we explain the static and dynamic tool support that was developed in this thesis. Typically, static tool support will be used at development time, while dynamic tools will be used at runtime. At the static level, we help the programmer by detecting and resolving configuration conflicts. At the dynamic level we created a runtime monitor, allowing programmers to dynamically monitor both standard object-oriented and reflective Java applications.

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB):
In September 2001, I started studying a G.A.S. Bedrijfskunde. It is a formation in which you are confronted with the basics of managing a company. Because I also started working full time at that time, I had to take the courses in the evening. I graduated in july 2002 with satisfactory grades.

Audiovisueel centrum:
In 1997, I started evening school, in order to learn another language: Spanish. Currently, I am enrolled in the 6th of the 7 grades.

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB):
I started studying computer science at the university in September 1997.
In the third year I went to study at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya ( in Barcelona for half a year. This was a great experience for me, as a student, but also as a human! I learned to live on my own in a foreign city.
In my final year, I worked for 3 months at MediaGeniX (a Belgian SW company). I graduated in July 2001 with a distinction.

  • 1st year candidature (satisfaction)
  • 2nd year candidature (distinction)
  • 1st year Licentiate in applied Computer Science (distinction)
  • 2nd year Licentiate in applied Computer Science (distinction)

       Thesis abstract
    My thesis investigates personalisation in relation to television. Three main steps have to be taken to make a TV program suggesting device: Data Gathering, Community Detection and Building, and the Program Suggesting itself. There are three possible techniques to suggest different TV programs to the users: the individual method, the collaborative method and the community based method. In this thesis we have investigated the possibilities of the above-mentioned approaches. A number of experiments were performed to support the discussion.
    It is clear that this innovative technology will have both benefits and drawbacks depending from which viewpoint it is looked at. The consequences it has on the concerned parties will be made clear. Finally an inquiry was organized in order to validate the results of the different approaches.

St. Jan BerchmansCollege:
After spending 6 years in Dilbeek, I went to this Catholic school in Brussels. This, because in the capital of Belgium, you get a better language education. There I studied the basics of Latin, economics, physics, chemistry, computer science, French, English and German.

  • 1st grade: Latin - Greek
  • 2d grade: Modern Languages
  • 3d grade: Economics - Mathematics
  • 4th grade: Economics - Mathematics
  • 5th grade: Science - Mathematics
  • 6th grade: Science - Mathematics
On the 30th of June 1997 I was handed my secondary school diploma.

Westrand Dilbeek:
In this cultural center, I took a dactylo course.

Regina Caeli Lyceum:
In this Flemish Catholic school I started my school career.
I got my primary school diploma on the 29th of June 1991.

The Person Behind Me

As a young boy, I was in the boy-scouts and went to music school. I played the trumpet for 10 years.
I also played football in Dilbeek Sport and in RSC Anderlecht. In 1997, I stopped playing football and started a career as a football referee. Today I am leading first team games in the fourth national division of Belgium.
In addition to this, I am the webmaster of and edit the NWB-magazine. I also manage the NWB-football team. It is a team of referees playing only friendly games against other teams of referees. Another hobby of me consists in tasting Belgian beers. For practicing that hobby, we founded a Beer Tasting Association. On the BTA website one can find all the reviews of the members of the association. In september 2006, I took up a new hobby: Scuba-diving. At the time of writing, I have experienced 400 open-water dives, obtained a rescue diploma and succeeded in the fourth level CMAS exams. I am now an assistant instructor and am a certified scuba diving teacher.

Peter Ebraert: September 2017